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Auto Electric Gadgets

Professionals @ Car Entertainment             0422399777

About Us:

We started our business Auto Electric Gadgets in 2004 with the intention of making peoples driving experience more comfortable and safer.

Every driver has different needs and we carry every car accessory that could possibly suit those needs.

We provide our customers with high quality GPS built in navigation systems, sub-woofers, car alarms, head units, radar detectors, kids entertainment and so much MORE.

At Auto Electric Gadgets our only focus is on car audio and accessories.

We do not sell fridges, televisions, ovens, or vacuums. We are strictly audio and security EXPERTS! Our staff is 100% qualified to educate you on every item we sell and install. Click on the Quote and contact us page to see our location and to get a quote. We will happily do jobs on site at your workplace or at your home or you could leave your car at our workshop.